Violet Flower Digital Frame Printable Greeting

violet flower greeting download image
printable flower greeting

flower frame digital download
digital Violet frame image .jpg

flower frame digital download image
digital Violet frame image .png

Violet flower images figure prominently in Victorian Art since there was a high interest in nature and animals. The language of flowers, or the meanings of flowers, was also a great interest in the Victorian Era. I created this beautiful digital flower frame from a Victorian postcard greeting. The ring of Violet flowers forming a frame is so pretty, and would be lovely in any project. Since Violets are associated with faithfulness, this flower frame would be a perfect design element on a Valentine's Day card or other romantic project. 

Free Flower Daffodil Border Digital Download Ribbon Design

border flower daffodil digital download
digital flower border design .jpg

border digital daffodil download image
digital flower border design .png

I love vintage greeting cards! This is a lovely, and brightly colorful, digital flower border design I created from a vintage birthday greeting card. The deep magenta Daffodils are glorious, and the contrast of the blue ribbon make this a spectacular digital border for any project. The flower image is slightly soften from age, which makes this illustration even prettier. I think the colors make this a perfect design element for a baby project, such as birth announcements, keepsake page border designs, baby shower invitations, and so much more! 

Printable Christmas Greeting Gift Tag Bird Mistletoe Design

christmas mistletoe birds image greeting
vintage Christmas greeting

christmas mistletoe birds image download
digital Christmas clip art .jpg

printable christmas mistletoe download image
digital Christmas clip art .png

This is a wonderfully beautiful digital Christmas download I created from a vintage Christmas postcard greeting. The pretty, colorful birds perched on the branch of Mistletoe is a charming image. And, the snow-covered border around the bird image is so lovely. It also makes for a perfect blank space to write your own sentiment or greeting for handmade cards, gift tags, or hang tags. This printable Christmas would also make a lovely top border design for invitations or Christmas letters sent out to family and friends. 

Free Printable Greeting Digital Flower Botanical Art Download

flower greeting download printable card design
printable greeting design

This is a spectacular printable greeting card design I created from an antique postcard. The flower illustrations are amazing gorgeous! The many, different flowers, in all those pretty, brilliant colors make this digital greeting so beautiful. And, the colorful, varied fonts are wonderful. This printable greeting is a feast for the eyes. The botanical art and the lovely sentiment are stunning and will make any handmade greeting card a special gift for someone special. I can imagine this digital greeting design on a handmade card sent to loved ones living far away, especially during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Even used to create a gift tag, this digital greeting would be wonderful.

Digital Postcard Back Image Handwritten Vintage 1912 Chicago

postcard vintage image handwritten

vintage postcard back image

This is a digital image of a vintage postcard back. I love using postcard back downloads for backgrounds in many projects, especially for gift and hang tags. The most attractive postcard back images are those that have handwriting in ink. The dark letters scribbled in artistically beautiful lines help make the postcard back clip art more interesting. This vintage postcard was written and sent in 1912 from Chicago.

Free Craft Project Idea Links Botanical Downloads Leaf Designs

Pretty printable stationary, artist backgrounds, and digital frames all designed and decorated with leaves are featured in this week's Craft Project Idea Link Party. I posted lots of beautiful projects designed with amazing digital botanical downloads this past week at The Graphics Monarch.  It's spring, and it's time to create pretty, fun projects with images of flowers, leaves, plants, and lovely outdoor settings. Click on the images below and discover many botanical, printable projects for your spring projects.

And, as always, if you've created a fun, beautiful project using one or more of my images on any of my free clip art blogs, please send me an email with a photo of your project. Then, I'll feature your creation here on Antique Images.


frame digital botanical art
printable frame project

digital border leaf botanical art
printable border project

artist background digital leaf design
artist background project

digital frame leaves botanical art
printable scrapbook leaf border project

digital label fancy design download
printable fancy label project

Printable Free Birthday Greeting Violet Flower Gold Frame

digital greeting birthday vintage download

printable birthday greeting

This is a very lovely digital birthday greeting I created from a vintage postcard. The Violet flower design within the gold frame is so pretty, and the birthday greeting sentiment is wonderfully heartfelt. This printable birthday greeting image would be a great design element on the front of a handmade card. Even the gold frame image alone would make a pretty gift tag!

Digital Wildflower Illustration Free Botanical Art Image Cuckoo Pint Arum Flower

flower wildflower image botanical art
digital wildflower illustration .jpg

flower wildflower digital image botanical art
digital wildflower illustration .png

This is a very strikingly beautiful digital illustration of the strange-looking wildflower, Cuckoo Pint, or Arum. The big, broad leaves are just as big as the grand flower with its huge, brown stamen framed by the the cup-like petal. This is a gorgeous digital flower download that would be the grandest design element in any of your projects! 

Free Digital Rose Flower Collage Sheet Wreath Swag Downloads

flower rose download collage sheet image
digital flower collage sheet .jpg

flower rose image collage sheet download free
digital flower collage sheet .png

I couldn't wait to post and share another delightfully beautiful digital flower collage sheet similar to the one I posted yesterday. These digital flower images are in greens and yellows and soft pastels, but in the same wreath and swag designs. These three flower clip arts will be gorgeous in any project, especially together to create borders, frames, labels for paper projects, such as invitations, greeting cards, or scrapbook pages. My favorite design is the flower wreath with the pretty, pastel yellow bow!

Digital Rose Flower Free Collage Sheet Download

flower rose images collage sheet download
digital flower collage sheet .jpg

flower rose images collage sheet download
digital flower collage sheet .png

This is a wonderfully beautiful digital rose collage sheet of lovely rose design clip arts. I created these digital rose downloads from antique, Victorian wall paper. The flower swag designs are so pretty, especially the branch of pink flowers. And, the big, green flower wreath with the pink bow is incredibly lovely. These three digital flower images will be so charming in any project! 


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