Saturday, March 28, 2015

Free Digital Background of Victorian Sheet Music

This is a digital sheet music background I created from a page in a 1859 Victorian fashion book. I use sheet music images frequently in my projects because they make awesome backgrounds. I especially love using them in Christmas projects. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this printable background graphic. Enjoy!

Free Vintage Beauty Graphics of Avon Perfume Bottle with Atomizer in Gift Box

Wouldn't this perfume bottle with an atomizer be a lovely gift? This is digital beauty clip art that I created from a vintage, 1915 California Perfume Company illustration. CPC later became known as Avon. The beauty image is beautifully detailed and would look great in any of your projects, especially if you're give perfume as a gift! I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital beauty graphic. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Free Children Clip Art of Antique Child Clip Art Playing in Snow

These are some delightful digital children graphics I created from two, antique illustrations I found in a Victorian storybook. The first children digital stamp depicts children playing in the snow. The second one shows a young boy and his dog relaxing along a river. How cute! I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of these two digital image transfers. I hope you enjoy!

Free Digital Fruit Images Vintage Clip Art Apple Grime's Golden

What a delicious beauty! This is a spectacularly beautiful digital fruit graphic of the apple, Grime's Golden. The golden-yellow of this apple graphic is so gorgeous, and those bright-green leaves are wonderful. I created this digital apple clip art from an illustration in an 1870 seed catalog. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this botanical clip art. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Free Printable Digital Collage Sheet of 12 Vintage Keys Clip Art

This is a fun vintage key digital collage sheet I created from a page in an old hardware catalog. I love the different shapes and sizes of the digital key graphics. They add interest to the image, which makes for a wonderful digital background for any of your projects. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this printable collage sheet. Enjoy!

Free Digital Vintage Pear Graphic of Clapp's Favorite Pear

This is a spectacular vintage image of the pear, Clapp's Favorite. I created this digital fruit clip art from an 1870 illustration in a seed catalog. I love the vibrant colors and beautiful detail. It's so realistic looking! I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital pear graphic. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage Toy Wagon Digital Clip Art Image Transfer

I just love toy wagon images! I love using them to decorate Christmas gift tags and greeting cards. This is an adorably simple digital image transfer of a child's toy wagon I created from a vintage illustration in a hardware catalog. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital toy graphic. Enjoy!

Free Digital Beauty Clip Art of Avon Gift Soap Box Set Almond Meal

What a wonderful digital treat I've got for you today! This is another lovely digital clip art of vintage Avon. This is a box gift set of Almond Meal soap from the California Perfume Company, which was Avon before the company became known as Avon. I'm in love with these colors! The soft pinks and purples are gorgeous. The beautiful frame motifs are so pretty as well. Along with both digital files of .jpg and .png, I've also given you a version without the words so that you can customize it as you wish. I hope you have lots of fun with these vintage beauty graphics!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free Digital Vintage Tea Pot with Wooden Handle Image Transfer OVB

This is a delightful tea pot digital image transfer. I love the curvy handle with the wooden piece in the center. I just love the vintage look of this tea pot. This tea pot clip art would be so lovely in a tea-themed project. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital tea pot graphic. Enjoy!

Free Digital Drop Cap Letters Clip Art with Flowers and Leaves D, P, and F

These are three lovely digital drop cap letter graphics that I created from tiny Victorian scraps. I love the flowers that are part of the design. I surely hope that the three letters I've provided, D, P, and F, are perfect for a personalized project you have in mind, I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of each of these digital drop cap images. I hope you enjoy!


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