Antique Illustration Baby Care Bath Products Clip Art Bibs

baby care products illustration image
baby care products illustration

baby clip art bibs download image
baby bibs clip art

baby care image illustration download
baby care products clip art

These are three, adorable antique baby care digital images I created from a wonderful antique, 1911 baby keepsake book. Each one of these baby care products illustrations would be lovely and charming design elements in a baby project, such as baby shower invitations, birth announcements, and gift tags. The blue baby bibs are especially cute! Despite the color of blue, I know these digital baby clip art can be used for either a girl or boy, especially the baby care products downloads.

digital baby clip art .png

Stock Antique Vegetable Illustrations Carrots Corn Cucumber

carrot vegetable image illustration download
digital carrot illustration

vegetable corn illustration download
digital corn illustration

cucumber vegetable illustration printable image
digital cucumber illustration

These are wonderfully bright digital vegetable downloads I created from vintage vegetable illustration I found in a vintage, 1966 cookbook. The rustic, vintage look of the vegetable illustrations is great, and these food clip arts will be so perfect decorating handmade recipe cards and gift tags for homemade goodies. The carrots, corn, and cucumber digital illustrations are so perfect for healthy and vegan or vegetarian recipes.  

Digital Download Free Beauty Vintage Product Image Perfume Bottle Clip Art

beauty image perfume illustration download
digital beauty clip art

beauty vintage stock image perfume
digital beauty clip art .png

perfume image beauty vintage download
perfume bottle clip art

beauty stock image vintage perfume bottle download
perfume bottle clip art .png

These are two, beautiful digital beauty downloads of vintage perfume bottles. I created these stock beauty images from vintage, 1915 perfume bottle illustrations in a California Perfume Company catalog. The vintage perfume bottle labels are so pretty with the white rose and Heliotrope flowers. And, the contrast of the colors purple and yellow is spectacular! Any of your projects with be more charming with either of these vintage beauty product images. 

Digital Wildflower Download Flower Image Tutsan Botanical Art

wildflower image flower download
digital flower clip art

flower image wildflower download digital
digital flower clip art .png

This is an incredibly pretty digital botanical download of an 1885 Tutsan wildflower illustration. The dainty yellow flowers and bright, red buds explode beautifully above very large leaves. This wildflower is stunning with the contrast of little flowers and huge leaves. It's a gorgeously detailed flower illustration, but the wildflower image also has a rustic quality, which makes it lovely botanical art.  

Vintage Digital Beauty Product Free Clip Art Face Cream Jar Illustration

beauty product image jar face cream download
vintage beauty product image

beauty vintage product jar face cream download
vintage beauty product image .png

This is a beautifully detailed digital beauty download of a vintage jar of women's face cream. I created this digital beauty product clip art from an illustration in an antique, 1915 California Perfume Company catalog. The square, stylish shape of the face cream jar is very pretty. The contrast between the silver and white jar with the green product label is very striking, which makes this stock beauty image incredibly wonderful. 

Printable Rose Package Digital Flower Collage Botanical Art

rose flower image clip art printable download
rose clip art collage sheet

rose flower printable image botanical art download
rose clip art collage sheet .png

This is a printable flower collage sheet of three digital rose downloads that I created from 1870 Victorian wallpaper. I love using these digital rose clip arts to created decorative borders. The two, yellow rose bouquet images and the yellow rose swag design are perfect for creating digital border designs for so many projects. 

Printable Flower Image Download Wildflower Orchid Botanical Art

flower orchid image wildflower digital download
Spotted Orchid clip art

wildflower botanical art flower image digital
Spotted Orchid clip art .png

This is a gorgeous digital flower image of the wildflower, Spotted Orchid. The flower illustration is beautifully detailed with the pretty, purple orchid petals and the brown-spotted, long leaves. The brown spots on the orchid leaves are wonderfully illustrated in this flower image. This digital flower clip art will be so lovely in so many projects. 

Free Digital Wildflower Download Orchid Flower Clip Art

flower orchid wildflower image download
Bee Orchid clip art

wildflower orchid flower image download
Bee Orchid clip art .png

This is a stunningly beautiful digital flower download of the wildflower, Bee Orchid. The lavender and brown petals of the Bee Orchid image, as well as the unique shape of the flower, are so pretty. Orchids come in so many different and gorgeous colors and shapes, and this digital wildflower clip art is no exception. For any springtime project, this botanical clip art is lovely. 

Vintage Beauty Product Image Women's Face Cream Jar Clip Art

beauty product vintage image download jar
vintage beauty cream image

vintage beauty product digital download image
vintage beauty cream image .png

This is a wonderful digital beauty image of a vintage jar of women's face cream. Before the company became Avon, it was called, California Perfume Company. This women's beauty product illustration was taken from the CPC's 1915 company catalog. The beautiful detail of the jar and product label is exquisitely lovely. I love making custom labels with vintage beauty project images! 


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