Digital Image Download of Vintage Portable Desk Lamps

This is a wonderful clip art download I created from a vintage illustration of two portable desk lamps. It's a simple digital graphic, but the detail is great. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital image transfers for your projects. Enjoy!

Beautiful Scenic Clip Art of Woman Sitting by Trees and River

Isn't this a pretty scenic graphic? I created this lovely digital clip art from a vintage illustration I found on a 1910 postcard. I love the simple color scheme and deep, rich tones. It's very dreamy. It's also a small illustration, so the detail within the 2" x 3" drawing is spectacular. I hope you enjoy!

Vintage Digital Illustration of Curtain Making Plans Image Transfer

Often I discover unusual and odd vintage illustrations that I think make for fun and interesting digital design elements. This is a vintage graphic of curtain making plans. I think the shapes are very eye-catching! I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital design image transfer. Enjoy!

Digital Scrapbooking Element Frame Background Download Blue and Green

There's so much creativity possible with digital scrapbooking paper! I've had so much fun creating lots of fun projects with the digital papers I've been making. Today, I've posted a lovely digital frame that I created with the 12" x 12" digital paper I posted yesterday. I layered a digital frame over the paper image after I colorized it to match the blue of the paper background. I love it! I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital frame download. I hope you enjoy!

Wildflower Digital Download of Flower Bulbous Crowfoot Vintage Illustration

This is a lovely digital image transfer I created from a vintage illustration of the wildflower, Bulbous Crowfoot. I love the shape of the botanical clip art because it would make a lovely border design for a project, especially if it were colored. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital flower clip art. I hope you enjoy!

Digital Background Scrapbooking Paper 12 x12 Blue Damask and Rose

I've been having a wonderful time creating digital scrapbooking paper! I've also been listing many new 12" x 12" digital scrapbooking paper packs in my Etsy Shop. Today I'm posting a lovely digital freebie of a 12" x 12" digital background of a blue damask and green rose design. I love how the soft shades of blues and greens go together in this background design. I'm sure you'll have lots of creative fun with this beautiful digital paper for any of your projects. Enjoy!

Vintage Decorative Porch Light Clip Art Image Transfers

These are two, vintage digital downloads of decorative porch lights. I created these digital light clip arts from tiny illustrations in a vintage household catalog. I love the rustic, simple way these digital image transfers look. Wouldn't this be a great digital image to use in a project for a house-warming project or invitations to a house party? I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of these vintage digital stamps. Enjoy!

Linden Tree Digital Download Vintage Botanical Clip Art

This is a spectacular vintage digital download I created from a colorful and brilliant 1870 Linden Tree illustration. It's so detailed, and the large, highlighted leaf underneath the tree is so wonderful. I think this tree clip art would be a fun design element in a vacation or camping scrapbooking project. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this botanical digital art. Enjoy!

Flower Digital Border Download Image Transfer of Wildflower Garlic

This is a pretty digital border download I created from a simple illustration of the wildflower, Common Orchis Broad-Leaved Garlic. The digital stamp makes for a perfect digital border for any project. And, of course, it would look beautiful and more eye-catching if it were colorized or colored in. I've given you both the .jpg and .png files of this digital image transfer. I hope you enjoy!

Digital Scrapbooking Background Paper of Men's Vintage Fashion Shirts and Ties

This is a fun digital, scrapbooking background I created from a page in a clothes catalog. This digital scrapbooking paper would be great as a design element on a gift tag. The uniform design makes it great as a background in a Father's Day project as well. I hope you enjoy!


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